Personalized Cookies

Do you ever want to hand out a cookie that is made just for you?  Do you have a logo you want to be smart and sweet?

We can help.

Helen Bernhard Bakery offers sugar shortbread cookies with an optional edible image put on top.  We will take your photo and then scan and print it on edible image paper.  We then attach it to the cookie with Royal Icing and put a nice border around the image.  You then have something to serve for business, parties or other events with a very personal touch.

Details we need to give you

  • We need the order 3-5 days in advance so we can edit and make sure everything is correct
  • We need the order to be by the dozen with only a 1 dozen minimum
  • Please call for pricing

We look forward to helping with you event or sales promotion.

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Helen Bernhard Bakery

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3 comments on “Personalized Cookies
  1. Jami Johnson says:

    We are looking for two simple royal-icing sugar cookie designs — a green star cookie, and a white/gray bridge cookie. We are trying to get a couple of dozen of each by next Monday afternoon. Let me know if you can do a quote for us? Thanks!

  2. Hannah Ross says:


    Do you do cookies with corporate logos? If so, can you give a ballpark for what you would quote for 4 dozen cookies with a corporate logo? Thanks for your time.

  3. Debra Henry says:

    Would like four dozen personalized cookies to be picked up on Wednesday, December 19th. How soon do you need the picture?

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