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Do you have gluten free?

We do not offer gluten free. It requires a separate processing area to prevent cross contamination.

How early do I need to order my cake?

It depends, although we have options available up to the last minute!
Standard decorated cake, 1 day before and some options for the same day.
Cutout cake, 3-5 days depending on complexity
Wedding cake, 1 week minimum could be more during summer months

Do you have sugar free?

We do not offer sugar free products.

Are you open Sundays?

Yes, 8AM to 3PM. Most products are day old and ½ off. We do offer some fresh cakes and orders are available for pickup.

Do you have anything without nuts?

Yes we do. However, since we do not have a separate processing area cross contamination is likely. If allergies are severe we suggest not offering our product.

Do you make special order cookies?

We offer decorated cookies in various themes, names, sports, images, etc. If you have a shape you would like, bring it in for us to look at. Order 1 week in advance for decorated and special cut-outs.

Do you make custom flavors cakes?

We make an extensive variety of cakes that are listed on the site. Due to the large batches we make we cannot make custom flavors. However, by combining our extensive list of cake flavors with our equally extensive list of flavored icings and fillings, you are sure to find a combination to satisfy your tastes.

Do we have pricing available online?

We are currently working on that, due to the variety of combinations and options we offer, we can offer a more accurate price and feel more comfortable pricing items in person or over the phone.

Can you ship products?

Yes. Since bakery items are inherently fragile, we are limited in what can safely ship, but are happy to help you find an item suitable for us to ship for you.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We do have a limited capacity for delivery (beyond wedding cakes). This is for business delivery only.  When available, there is usually a charge for that service based on distance, volume, and time of year. Please talk with one of our sales people to see if we will be able to assist you.

17 thoughts on “FAQs”

    1. Thanks
      We only do deliveries to businesses for safety and insurance reasons. If your son is working we can deliver to the business for a $35 fee.

      1. I find it interesting the American Diabetes Association is a non profit you support yet your bakery doesn’t offer sugar free products. Is this something that might change soon?

        1. Due to variety of products and demand required we currently do not have plans to add sugar free items. We do support ADA as we have know many people with Type 1 diabetes.

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to get a 1/4 sheet cake for my son’s birthday. He is 28 and wanted a “white” cake with “a lot” of frosting. Would this be something i could just come in on Saturday and pick up or would i have to place an order for it? I’m thinking some type of Chocolate frosting or if there is something that is more popular i would be interested in that also. Thanks 🙂

  2. I would like several dozen mini cupcakes and one small cake for my parents 60th anniversary party in April – is this something you can do?

  3. Your history mentioned an old time cookbook. Do you have any cookbooks available? If so, when was it produced and how would I get one? Mail order and price info would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. How much are the Barbie cakes for a curbside pick-up and how many days to pre order or do you always have some in the shop!?

  5. Thank you for always being so cheerful and helpful during this last year and a half, which has been so challenging. You have always been wonderful, but this “takes the cake”! I will call with my order, but I wanted you to know my husband and I are so grateful to ALL of you.

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