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Graduation Time Is Here

Congratulations on your graduation,

Opening a door not easily reached!

Now go through it: on the other side

Great mountains become hills, and then just fields

Rolling eastward towards a rising sun.

All now is success and celebration,

The music of deeds done and barriers breached.

Underneath, uncertainties still glide

Lean and hungry as the sweet day yields,

And golden moments through your fingers run.

The rock on which you stand is your creation,

Illustrating what your teachers preached

Of learning and the provenance of pride.

Nor need you fear the wind, as knowledge shields

Such as earn it from what storms may come.





1 thought on “Graduation Time Is Here”

  1. would it be too late to order a graduation cake for pick-up tomorrow afternoon?
    my supervisor was in this morning to purchase donuts for the office (yay) and she mentioned the really cute cakes she saw……a book, a gradution cap…..

    if it’s not too late, can you send me the options and some pricing?

    Thanks!!!! Patty

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