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It is wedding time again-Cake Tastings

Wedding Cake Tastings

How to prepare for our wedding tastings

Call to make an appointment 503 287 1251

Gather any and all ideas you have for your cake (pictures, color samples, etc)

Pick who is coming with you.  This is a fun event but seating is very limited and with many people it can be hard to get what YOU really want.  It is your wedding.  We do have a limit of 4 people per tasting .

Arrive prepared to taste many samples and view what our offers are.  To get an idea of what flavors  we offer check out our flavor offerings ahead of time on this website.

Be ready with any delivery and date details so we can reserve your wedding cake today.

Our tastings are scheduled for no more than 55 minutes as we have a large number to complete with limited space and people to serve you.  We may have to schedule a second sitting if it appears to be headed to overtime.

Most of all have fun.  Use this a relaxing event in preparing for your big day.

1 thought on “It is wedding time again-Cake Tastings”

  1. Hello, I would like to schedule a cake tasting and was wondering what available times you have in the evenings weekdays or earlier in the morning on Tuesday or Wednesdays. I am looking to have a small wedding cake possibly two tiers and simple frosting (hand scraped look) with flowers or greenery placed on the cake. Our wedding is September 19th. Look forward to hearing from you!


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